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Posted on: July 31, 2013

For my final dinner in Kyoto, I went for something nearer to my hotel – Katsukura, a tonkatsu restaurant inside Kyoto station itself.


It’s actually quite high up, at the 11th floor of the Isetan shopping mall which is part of the station, and that level is called the CUBE restaurants.


A peek inside.


And it’s apparently quite famous/popular, because it had one of the longest queues for a restaurant on that level.


The interior decor was very nice as well, lots of warm wooden and earth stone tones to make you feel at ease while eating.


The view of the other side, outside the restaurant. You can actually reach Katsukura by going up the multitude of outdoor escalators that lead to the Skypark.


An assortment of condiments and sauces for your tonkatsu.


They also give you a grinding bowl with sesame seeds.


You’re encouraged to make your own sauce by grinding the seeds and adding some sauce from the pots.


And as you can see, everyone is doing it too.


I honestly can’t even remember what I ordered but I don’t really think that makes a difference.


I hate to use those cliched words like ‘succulent meat’ but sometimes, you realise why people first started using them. This really was succulent yet firm, not the overly oily kind you get here sometimes.


Katsukura is a chain restaurant so even if you’re not in Kyoto and having a tonkatsu craving, there’s a bunch of them scattered all over Tokyo. I know there’s one at Shinjuku’s Takashimaya.

かつくら京都駅ビル店 (Katsukura Kyoto Station)

8 Responses to "Katsukura"

first thing that came to my mind was saboten lol

Hahaha I actually haven’t eaten at Saboten before!

kyoto station has pretty good food 🙂

Yup there’s lots of good food there such that you can always grab a meal if you don’t know where to eat.

yes i thought of saboten too. we used to go to tonkichii a lot but saboten is pretty good too.

your meal looks great.

I’ve been to Tonkichii once but not a fan of it. Well in general I’m not a big fan of tonkatsu, most places can be too oily. Ma Maison Tonkatsu is nice but too pricey.

oh yes ma maison is too pricey.

[…] Ma Maison Tonkatsu has one of the better tonkatsus I’ve had in Singapore, and it’s closer to the excellent ones I had in Japan. […]

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