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Tempura Tsunahachi

Posted on: September 24, 2013

There are a number of tempura establishments with a long history in Shinjuku, and I had already been to one of them, Funabashiya Honten, quite some time ago and I really liked it.

This time around, I wanted to visit another tempura restaurant so I picked Tempura Tsunahachi, at their main store in Shinjuku.


Tsunahachi also has a long history, as it was founded 90 years ago in 1923 and they’ve been around ever since, with their Shinjuku store opening in 1964.


It still has some of that traditional bustling feel, despite being quite commercial now.


I was ushered to the counter upstairs as the ground floor was completely packed at lunchtime.


There, I was served by this female chef.


A stack of glass bowls holds condiments for the tempura dishes. As usual, I preferred the green tea salt.


I picked their Edomae Set for lunch.


Kuruma-ebi, kisu, nasu (tiger prawn, sillago fish, eggplant)


Squid, okra, and some kind of clam.


Some sort of fruit juice as a palate cleanser, peach I think.


Kakiage, anago (small shrimps, sea eel)


As tempura goes, this was pretty good, but I felt that Funabashiya edged this out by just a bit. But that’s the thing about Tokyo – there are so many places to visit and try!

Tempura Tsunahachi


2 Responses to "Tempura Tsunahachi"

Hello, I chanced upon this post accidentally but i was very happy to learn about your feature on this tempura shop and i’ve also read your other posts 🙂 having stayed in Tokyo for so long, I have never had the chance to try these places. If you don’t mind making new foodie friends, it would be great if we can meet up for a meal in Tokyo 🙂

Li Tian from

Hi Li Tian, thanks for your comment! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed reading my posts and hopefully you’ll get to try some of the places I reviewed. Unfortunately I’m based in Singapore not Tokyo so I wouldn’t be able to meet you for a meal.

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