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Posted on: October 16, 2013

Most people have eaten Japanese fried food, like korokke, tori karaage, tonkatsu, etc. So I was looking to see if I could find something similar in Tokyo but more refined, and I found it in Tatsukichi.


It’s located in the middle of the grid-like maze of alleys on the East side of Shinjuku, though if you have a map it should be easy to find, just that there are no obvious signboards.


The unique thing about Tatsukichi is that the standard procedure is without ordering anything – it’s simply a seasonal omakase like a high end sushi restaurant, except here it’s all kushiage (deep-fried kebabs).

They do have a standard menu if you ask for it but I think the seasonal stuff is much more interesting.


Once you sit down, they immediately start deep-frying sticks and they only stop when you tell them to. With each stick, the chef tells you which sauce goes with it, or some have their own special sauce applied already.


Tatsukichi is split into 4 rooms with each having a counter that seats 12, and here’s the chef for this room.


Because the chef didn’t speak any English, I had no idea what most of the dishes were though some of it could be discerned from shape or taste, so I’ll just leave you to enjoy the photos.
















And that’s the end of the run! I lasted 15 sticks, and nicely filled up at the end of it.


And I was given a small bowl of mekaba seaweed at the end as a palate cleanser.


The food at Tatsukichi was interesting and delicious, even though it all looked similar. Everything was fresh and not overly oily, and the different sauces kept the tastes from being repetitive. Highly recommended!

立吉 (Tatsukichi)


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Looks amazing! I might have to check it out. It looks similar to Kushilatsu in Osaka.

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