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Risotto al Pomodoro

Posted on: October 21, 2013

Ever tried making a risotto where the main ingredient is just tomatoes? You got to get some really good and ripe ones, so shell out for those expensive tomatoes you see in the supermarkets cos they do make a difference when they’re the star of the dish!


I’m using 2 types of tomatoes for this risotto – a bigger type, which I halved, put some chopped garlic, black pepper and salt, drizzled olive oil and put to roast in the oven.



And a smaller type which is cooked and reduced in a pot on the stove.


I roasted this batch a bit too long.



Eventually the ones in the pot break down into a kind of tomato sauce.


I mixed half of that into the risotto while cooking.


Finally, I put the roasted tomatoes in the bowl, cover with the risotto and top it with the remainder of the tomato sauce.


Damn delicious!! This probably exceeded my expectations!


4 Responses to "Risotto al Pomodoro"

I bought some mini san marzano from cold storage & they were so good!

aiyo it’s me ice

ok got my display name back haha

Yeah the quality vine-ripened tomatoes at Cold Storage are pretty good! Too bad they don’t have heirloom tomatoes haha

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