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The Naked Finn

Posted on: December 18, 2013

The Naked Finn was recommended to me by a friend, because it was owned by his good friend, and that it also seemed a pretty interesting place to chill out and have some nice seafood too, something that I really love.


It’s located in a faraway ulu ulu land called Gillman Barracks, the so-called arts hub for Singapore but more like an expat + rich people’s land. The Naked Finn itself, however, is really quite bare bones though, no amazing decor or fancy furniture but just tables, chairs and the all-important kitchen.


From what I understand, the seafood at The Naked Finn is generally pretty expensive by most standards, but it’s because Ken Loon, the proprietor, spends quite a lot of money invested in the equipment that keeps all the exotic seafood alive in tanks of purified seawater, and also money goes into the sourcing for high-quality and regularly shipped seafood. Some may feel this is worth the price, others simply consider only the final price.


For his dedication and passion for seafood, as well as his laser-sharp focus on finding out the best possible ways to cook the seafood, you could say that he is bringing “artisanal seafood” to us.


The food shown here is part of their set dinner, which covers their range of food. I’m not going to bother reviewing the dishes because they’re so simple and I would just going to end up throwing overused adjectives like succulent or juicy or sweet at them.


Because sometimes you don’t want to eat some elaborate multi-course French dinner but just gorge down loads and loads of glorious prawns and shellfish that drive you into a food-induced coma. Much like Bourdain and his infamous seafood tower in Brittany.








So when all’s said and done, The Naked Finn is probably one of those places that polarises people, due to the fact that it’s so expensive for something so simple.

But as simple as it is, it’s something done really well and sometimes that’s worth paying for. After all, food is something we all strongly vote with our wallets, and I’ll be going back for more.

The Naked Finn


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