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Wai Kee Congee

Posted on: February 16, 2015

Wai Kee Congee is a place that my friend CrunchyBottoms told me that I die die had to try if I was going to Hong Kong, and so I did. (She also wrote an infinitely better review than I did)




It was definitely worth the hunt to find it because the you tiao is the best I’ve ever had so far. Probably because they really spend the time and effort to make their own properly, not like some places in Singapore.


Their porridge is nice and thick – nourishing soul food for an early breakfast. And amazing when paired with their you tiao.


Oh and their zha leong is pretty damn good too!


Highly recommended place for breakfast!!

Wai Kee Congee
82 Stanley Street
Central, Hong Kong

2 Responses to "Wai Kee Congee"

I see you’ve finally started blogging about HK. Haha.

Yeah, pretty much just forcing them out of my backlog. I don’t have the level of energy required to blog the kind of review you did back then too hahaha

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