The Dirty Stall

Lin Heung Tea House

Posted on: March 6, 2015

When you look for dim sum in Hong Kong, Lin Heung Tea House always gets named as a stalwart for the original cha chan teng experience.


It is, after all, one of the oldest tea houses in Hong Kong, and much has not changed at all. At any time of the day, Lin Heung is always packed to the brim with regulars and tourists alike.


You’ll see many of the old-timers just sitting in the corners and relaxing away while reading the newspapers. Time moves slowly for them…


…except when the dim sum trolley rolls out from some hidden corner and everyone turns into an Olympic gold medallist at hurdles, jumping tables to be first at the cart. Before I even realised what had happened, the trolley was picked clean, as if a pack of piranhas just went past.


Thus I fought through the crowd multiple times only to get away empty handed, until finally I managed be first for once, and went away with a basket of pretty good siew mais.


But that was enough for me. Lin Heung Tea House is a place for the experience and once is enough.

Lin Heung Tea House
160-164 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong


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