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Australian Dairy Company

Posted on: March 16, 2015

This is probably the strangest name I’ve heard for a cafe but despite their weird name, the Australian Dairy Company still brings in the crowds.


It’s basically famous for its milk pudding and scrambled eggs.



It’s also extremely crowded as hell but the turnover is damn fast and they’re like robots when serving dishes.


Their breakfast set is pretty pedestrian actually.




But the highlight is really their scrambled eggs. I love eggs and these just blow my mind. Puts all the scrambled eggs in those overpriced Singaporean brunch places to utter shame.


In summary: go early, order scrambled eggs, have your egg-loving mind blown.

Australian Dairy Company
47 Parkes Street
Jordan, Hong Kong


4 Responses to "Australian Dairy Company"

Thanks for this post! Im going to Hong Kong with my boyfriend and so we are looking around to see places that I missed (I went there a few months ago) and was very happy to find out about this place!

Thanks, you’ll enjoy HK, there’s lots of great food everywhere at decent prices.

The food loooks good.

Yup, the scrambled eggs were divine!

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