The Dirty Stall

Lunch @ Restaurant Andre

Posted on: July 24, 2015

Having been to dinner at Andre, I didn’t think I’d want to return for dinner again but I did decide to give their lunch menu a chance.




Ocean trout confit in citrus oil.

Quail egg with lava salt and Granny Smith.

White asparagus, truffle puree and fromage blanc.


Fried broccolini and its cracker.

Dry aged scallop and its chip.

Meyer lemon jelly.


Charcoal marinated fish on arrival.

Calçots with Romesco sauce.

Leek oil and powder.


Saddle of rabbit with lard de Bigorre.

Caramelized turnip and onion.

Quinoa compote and Parmesan fondue.



Tamal de Mais


Overall I felt that the dishes in the lunch menu were much more delicate and honest, as compared to dinner. A lot more worth it to me than their dinner, in my opinion!

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