The Dirty Stall

La Zanzara

Posted on: August 10, 2015

La Zanzara, or “The Mosquito”, is one of the best places I ate at in Rome, and one great thing is that it’s almost open all day, with just the menu changing between breakfast and the rest of the day.


Their menu is pretty long and well-stocked with great things to eat.


I really really loved their salumi platters!


Salami selection – culatello di Zibello, truffle mortadella, San Secondo pig shoulder, Di Varzi salami, lardo di Colonnata.


Ham selection – Sanchez Romero, Blazquez, Black from Nebrodi, Langhirano, culatello di Zibello


Deboned wild cockerel, with roasted potatoes, rosemary and stir-fry chicory.


The pastas were great too! Not pictured below was their carbonara pacchero which is the best I’ve had in Italy.





Definitely a place to eat if you’re in Rome; I used it as a backup eating place because of its whole day opening hours, unlike most other restaurants.

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