The Dirty Stall


Posted on: September 5, 2015

Obicà, or formerly known as Obikà, is a chain of mozzarella bars that originated in Rome but has since spread worldwide.


This branch in Florence is over at Via dé Tornabuoni, which is a bit far from the Duomo but still within walking distance.


What really surprised me is how big the restaurant was; they had several different rooms and each of them was huge.


Amusingly going to the toilet involved walking through all of the rooms so I got to see just how big the place really was.


The food itself was pretty good.


Their specialty is mozzarella and so I tried their Gran Degustazione, which is a Grand Tasting of 3 Mozzarellas (Delicate/Intense/Smoked), Stracciatella from Puglia and Ricotta di Bufala.



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