The Dirty Stall

Hosteria Giusti

Posted on: September 27, 2015

If you’re visiting Modena, then you’ll find that Hosteria Giusti often comes highly recommended as a place for lunch.


The restaurant itself doesn’t have a front (unless you use the obscure back entrance at the end of the alley behind) but most likely when you arrive, you’ll see the shopfront of Salumeria Giuseppe Giusti, the entrance of what is basically heaven for me and hell for my wallet.


Everything here is truly quality stuff!



After you’re done browsing the shop, you’ll be taken through the back of the shop and into the dining room behind, where there are only 4 small tables. A reservation is essential!


Very homely feel to the feel and decor.




Selection of cold cuts. There’s culatello di Zibello, prosciutto di Langhirano, lardo di Colonnata, mortadella and salami.


Excellent when paired with these light and fluffy fried dumplings, one of their specialities!


Tagliatelle with fresh porcini mushrooms. For something so simple, I’m at a loss as to how they made this taste so damn good. And also, fresh porcini mushrooms are such a revelation!


Suckling pig with onion sauce and aged balsamic vinegar. Completely not how I expected it to be but it was pretty delicious despite how bland it looked.


Veal cheek with white wine sauce, potato puree and aubergines in fresh tomato sauce.


Fried cotechino with zabaglione of Lambrusco sauce. This is another one of Hosteria Giusti’s signature dishes and rightfully so! Our waiter joked that this was “luncheon meat” but done properly – I couldn’t disagree at all.



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