The Dirty Stall

Meat Smith

Posted on: May 12, 2016

Meat Smith is an American styled smokehouse and the ‘sister’ to Burnt Ends, being under the same owners.


It’s a pretty casual place, the service is pretty friendly too.


Only thing I didn’t really like was the acoustics, it gets pretty noisy and you can’t really have a nice chat with your friends while eating.


The food is pretty decent, this is the pulled pork sandwich.


I really love their ribs, pulls apart easily and the BBQ sauce has that truly smokey sweet tangy ring to it.


The only problem is that it’s too damn expensive just for the ribs and I’m not really a fan of their brisket.


I haven’t really been back after a few visits as they didn’t have the ribs so often back then and I didn’t like the spices in the chicken marinade either.

But there is a Dino Beef Rib that seems to be a regular now so maybe I’ll be back someday to try it.

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