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Aroma Fresca

Posted on: September 23, 2016

Aroma Fresca is a 1* Italian restaurant located in the swanky Ginza district of Tokyo, located high up in the Ginza Trecious building.


It’s a pretty small place and the decor is exquisite.


It was opened by chef Shinji Harada in 1998 but moved to its present location in 2010.


The service is also impeccable, as usual. They even assigned waiters who tried their best to speak English to us.


I selected the Menu Profumo, which is their lunch set at ¥8500.


Olives and bread to start, I always liked the variety of bread at Italian restaurants in Tokyo.


Fried brussels sprout – the trio of appetizers started with this but I don’t remember much about it sadly.


Smoked eel – with a dollop of caviar, very complimentary to the soft smokiness of the anago.


Tomato with “Burrata” cheese – this was a bit more like a sharp cleanser of clear tomato juice with burrata foam.


Sauteed soft roe of cod with dried mullet roe – this is a pretty good way to con people to eat shirako, otherwise known as cod sperm. Here disguised it was almost like eating savoury tofu, topped with a double roe whammy of bottarga.


Cold pasta “capellini” sauce of tomato with shrimp. Clean but distinct flavours.


Handmade pasta “tajalin”, sauce of tomato with “Shanghai” hairy crab. This was a stronger pasta dish, basically hairy crab pasta. Very nice but a bit irritating to pick meat from the tiny hairy crab legs.


Citrus sherbet – palate cleanser for the mains next.


Wagyu steak – I’ll let your minds imagine how great this was because it was.


Roasted pork, honey and spice flavour. Roasted to the right level of tenderness, with sweet honey spice seasoning that gently accented the meat.


Dessert – this was kinda like cotton candy on strawberries.


Petit fours


Tea to end the meal.


All in all, Aroma Fresca is a fantastic Italian fine dining restaurant that doesn’t indulge in overwhelming fancifulness. You can really tell that this was a Japanese hand making Italian cuisine – the delicacy of their approach and freshness of ingredients really made the meal a standout for me, as far as fine dining courses go.

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