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Dons de la Nature

Posted on: September 28, 2016

Dons de la Nature seems to be one of those places that is relatively unknown yet shouldn’t be.


It doesn’t seem particularly crowded on the few times I’ve been there, and it seems like only tourists eat here.


It’s spacious but not big, just about 5 or 6 tables. Amusingly it’s located just 1 building away from the Ginza Trecious where Aroma Fresca is located.


The star of the restaurant is really this huge custom-built brick oven which the chef sears the steak within.


Everyday the chef personally heads to the beef auction market, in Shinagawa if I heard him correctly, and picks the best beef for the day. I chose the Matsuzaka wagyu sirloin, and 400gm was the minimum order, even for 1 person.


Inside the oven is binchotan, the odorless white charcoal used by most high-end Japanese restaurants for clean grilling without the smoky taste.


It is quite indescrible how good this is, even with all the superlatives we food bloggers love to throw at good food.


The exterior is crisp and perfectly charred but the interior is soft as tofu.


Maybe you’ve heard about how wagyu melts in your mouth like butter and always felt how that’s so exaggerated?


Steak at Dons is probably where descriptions like that happened and just gets filtered down to all wagyu eaters.

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