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Kani Honke

Posted on: April 18, 2017

When you think about Hokkaido and food, you’ll definitely think about crabs, especially the big-ass king crabs.


And a well-known Hokkaido crab restaurant chain is Sapporo Kani-Honke, with outlets all across Japan.


Luckily their original restaurant at Sapporo Ekimae Honten happened to be quite near the Sapporo JR station so it was very convenient to visit.


Instead of a koi pond, it’s a crab pond!


It’s a pretty whacky but yet rustic interior.


Basically every dish here is like outside but just replace the normal ingredient with crab, like this crab sashimi below.


Or this crabmeat tamago maki.


There’s also kani zosui (crab porridge).


The best part of the meal is this of course, thick & meaty steamed king crab legs!!! Really fresh and juicy, full of the crustacean crab flavour.


They also had a grilled version of the above crab legs.


But of course there were some non-crab dishes like this salmon sashimi and steamed rice, for non-crab eaters.


Definitely a must-visit if you love crab and you’re in Sapporo. Reservations are recommended because they do have lots of tour groups visiting them.

I was lucky to get in without a reservation on the first visit so I made a reservation for another visit later on.


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