The Dirty Stall

Menya Saimi

Posted on: April 24, 2017

If you’re into ramen and you’re in Sapporo, Menya Saimi always pops up as a must-visit place and it is probably one of the most popular ramen spots in Hokkaido.


It was also highly recommended by a friend who just went there recently. I actually tried to visit them but they were closed for no reason so I had to come back another day.


The queue kinda snakes even inside the restaurant, which as you can see isn’t very big at all. Probably waited like 20 mins.


And here’s the long awaited bowl of ramen! Yeah it was good, very different from all the other miso ramens that I’ve tried before. There was a richness in the broth unlike anything I’ve tasted yet it wasn’t too heavy on the palate. And it felt like the ingredients were stir-fried first because there was some deep flavour notes inside.


The bizarre thing was that Menya Saimi was closed when I left! Which means the restaurant was only open for like 2 hours for lunch. Now’s that’s pretty random.


But hey if you love ramen and you can deal with their weird opening hours, I’d definitely recommend Menya Saimi too.

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