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Kappo Shunsui

Posted on: June 10, 2017

Kappo Shunsui is a kaiseki resturant that opened pretty recently in the Japanese restaurant & KTV nexus that is Cuppage Plaza.

It’s set up by chef Tomo Watanabe who closed his own Kyoto kappo-style restaurant in Tokyo and then moved it over to Singapore.

Starting with an appetiser of hamaguri clams with summer vegetables and tozasu jelly.

Hamo eel in dashi broth with baby eggplant. Very clean and light soup.

Sashimi of sazae, tai, and aburi isaki.

Sushi of kohada and madai. The kohada was pretty good!

Boiling hotpot of grouper slices with cabbage. The grouper slices were cooked perfectly! The soup was a bit bland though.

A large hokkigai clam from Hokkaido was then grilled over binchotan charcoal. This was probably the unexpected highlight of the meal for me – surprisingly tender and sweet!

Palate cleanser of tomato ‘water’ jelly, tomato pieces, and a micro-tomato to top it off.

Ohmi wagyu beef that is first grilled then simmered in dashi broth.

Home-made pickles.

Claypot of buttered rice with Hokkaido sweet corn. Despite its simple appearance, this was really good, especially with the subtle notes of black pepper.

Leftover rice was wrapped up into onigiris to takeaway.

Dessert was a simple annin custard with hojicha.

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