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When you think about Hokkaido and food, you’ll definitely think about crabs, especially the big-ass king crabs.


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Another modified dish, this time a Thai inspired green curry seafood noodles. The actual reason for making this was to use up this small tub of crab meat that I had totally forgotten about.

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This is my attempt at making Thomas Keller’s crab cakes, mainly because I had a sudden craving for crab cakes. The base component is the aioli so I set about making it first.

It is more or less garlic mayonnaise so gotta peel the garlic first.

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Mr Crab…we meet again. Prepare to die!

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As many would know, Melaka was once a Portuguese colony and even now, there are still ethnic Portuguese living in Melaka, descended from those early 17th century colonists. Most of them stay together in one area near the sea, created by the government and known as the Portuguese Settlement.

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