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One night in Sapporo, I didn’t really have anything in mind so I wandered around the Stellar Place above the Sapporo JR station until the aroma of grilled pork punched me on the nose.


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Burnt Ends is one of the more recent additions to hotelier Loh Lik Peng’s Unlisted Collection of restaurants, and also a collaboration with Andre Chiang.

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If you’ve read my previous post, this was the place that I was intending to hit for dinner – Yamatake Shoten. Yamatake is a beef farmer and also a restaurant, much like Steakhouse Satou in Kichijoji, so similarly here we get to enjoy delicious Hida beef at relatively cheap prices!


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This is probably one of the rare posts where I don’t have to say anything because it’s so simple and the photos say it all.

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