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Chicken tikka masala is one of those richly flavoured Indian comfort foods that’s not too overly spicy.

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Pilau refers to a rice dish that is cooked in a seasoned broth and originates from the Turkish or Persian regions. It goes well with most ingredients, such as seafood, chicken or lamb but here I decided to go for a prawn pilau.

The seasoning: 1 whole diced onion, chopped garlic, 1 tsp cumin, 1tsp coriander, 1.5 tsp curry powder and 10 cardamom pods

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Al-Ameen Eating House is a famous supper spot along the crowded Cheong Chin Man Road, where there are also many other eating places housed along that road. You will always find it packed to the brim even late past midnight.

Al-Ameen primarily sells a wide range of Indian food such as roti prata, naan, thosai and curry dishes. Besides Indian food, they also sell Muslim food such as nasi briyani or maggi goreng.

You’d even be surprised to find that they even sell Chinese, Thai and even Western dishes! However I wouldn’t really recommend ordering those dishes here, just like how you wouldn’t order prata at a steakhouse.

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Ironically out of all the famous Indian dishes, the one I’ve had the least is tandoori chicken! In an immense bout of contradictory laziness, I decided to make it rather then go out and eat it.

So I gathered the usual suspects – ginger, onion, yogurt and garlic. The spices are garam marsala, coriander and paprika. There’s some tomato puree which is not in the photo.

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