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This is a pretty simple dish, just meatballs with pasta. I’m using a different type of pasta called the pappardelle, which is a much wider version of the fettuccine. They are typically used for dishes with a thick sauce, such as wild boar ragu.

This is also the first time I’m trying out fennel in the pasta sauce, as you can see below.

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For all of that long name, it actually just means something like “Amalfi baked lemons”. This is actually an appetizer that I picked up from watching Jamie Oliver’s Great Italian Escape. He planned to use it for his Italian mentor’s father but the clay oven was too random and spoiled them.

Nonetheless I decided to try them out as an appetizer for my friends because it seems rather easy to make. 1 lemon will serve 2 persons as you just need a lemon halve for each serving. I used a juicer to get rid of the pulp and used the juice to make iced lemon tea, so as not to waste it.

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Today Isetan supermarket had an European Food Fair so I just had to go down to get some rare stuff that I definitely wouldn’t be able to find normally. And boy was I right!

Dried porcini mushrooms! You can’t get these in Singapore at all. In fact it’s quite hard to find outside of Italy but they brought in some for the fair. I have to say they were rather expensive though.

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Tonight’s dinner will be a chicken parmesan recipe

First I seasoned the chicken breasts with some paprika, black pepper, salt, garlic powder and oregano.

Then I mixed some milk and egg, dipped the breasts in it, and then dipped them again into another bowl with bread crumbs.

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