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A ragout is basically a stewed dish so in this dish, the main ingredient is the humble mushroom.

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Mushrooms are great in almost any form of cooking so when I saw this simple recipe for a mushroom puff pie in one of Nigel Slater’s cookbooks, I knew I had to give it a try! And who doesn’t love puff pastry either?

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This is one of Thomas Keller’s easier recipes that doesn’t require a mad amount of preparation and it was a good bet to make it for a simple lunch.

We start off with a bunch of unsuspecting oxtails!

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To make risotto al funghi, the key ingredient to it is the porcini mushroom. It is the king of European mushrooms, known scientifically as boletus edulis, and the robust aroma of the dried porcini mushroom can be really so intense.

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Stuffing the caps of mushrooms usually makes for a good appetizer so here I’m stuffing mine with bacon, cheese and other ingredients.

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What to do when you’re lazy and want to whip up a quick meal? Use sausages and mushrooms! No brains needed! Just throw in everything 😀

Actually I just raided the fridge to see what we had and came up with brown mushrooms and baerlauch pork sausages.

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