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Antica Sa Pesta originally started in 1882 as a place that sold salt, as its name referred to a traditional method (sa pesta) of breaking up salt into smaller grains by pounding it with a pestle and mortar.

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After making them from scratch, I decided this time to use some store-bought ones to compare with, so I got these from Rustichella.


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Having made pesto the mechanical way with a food grinder, I decided to try making it the old-fashioned way with a pestle & mortar.

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I’ve never tried eating pesto before even though I’ve passed by the bottled stuff in the supermarkets so many times when I went to look at sauces. But since now I finally decided that I wanted to try it out, I wanted have to make it by hand so that it would be fresh!

Pesto is a sauce that originated in Genoa, the capital of Liguria, a province in northern Italy where basil was very abundant. The sauce is called pesto because of how it was originally made: by crushing basil leaves with a pestle and mortar. Together that is how the name of the sauce was known as pesto alla genovese.

Traditionally, pesto is made of basil, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, Parmesan and Pecorino cheeses and salt. There are other variations such as pesto all siciliana or pesto alla calabrese.

But I’m going to stick with the original Genovese version for this dish which also calls for boiled potatoes and green beans. However since I didn’t have green beans at hand, I substituted it with broccoli.

Of course the most important ingredient are the basil leaves! The smaller leaves provide the subtler flavour but I didn’t want to waste the other leaves so I used them anyway.

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