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These pork belly buns here are what my friends love to call “kong bak paos” when I try to describe it to them, only for them to tell me that it’s nothing like kong bak pao when they finally try it.

This time I was making them not just for eating but for my friends at CaKe Photography to try out some food photography on them as well!

The recipe I followed is a slight variation of David Chang’s infamous Momofuku Pork Belly Buns. However I’d say this is just a version 1.0 and I’m still refining the technique each time I make this dish.

I started off by brining a thick slab of pork belly in a 50/50 sugar-salt solution, leaving it overnight in the refrigerator. I wanted to add a bouquet garni to the brine but I didn’t have the herbs on hand so I just threw in some dried shredded herbs which sadly didn’t do anything for the final taste.

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Ragù, or more commonly known as Bolognese sauce, is one of the traditional meat sauces for pasta that originated from Bologna. The name comes from the French word ragoût (stew), which in turn is derived from ragoûter, which means to stimulate the appetite.

The method of cooking ragù is to create a soffritto first, next adding ground beef and then followed by a triple reduction of milk, wine and tomatoes. This is finally simmered at a very low temperature over a long period, like between 3 to 6 hours.

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I was looking for a simple meal to cook so I decided to try out this one that just involves sausages, onions, tomatoes and waiting.

Using simple pork sausages with mild herbs and no spices.

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Finally I got to use the bento box I bought in Tokyo! Using some recipes from this bento box book I borrowed from the library, I filled up the bento box with a really simple dinner meal.

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Nothing much to say except we just threw pork ribs, prawns, scallops, chicken wings, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic all in 1 roasting pan and cooked them all.

And some potatoes on the side!

Time to make sweet & sour pork with curry salmon rice!


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3 different kinds of meat with spaghetti 😀

Make a guess!



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