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Lau Sum Kee presents a different take on noodles that we don’t really see in Singapore, which is har zai meen, or prawn roe noodles.

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Lunch at the Naked Finn is a completely different menu from dinner. Instead of all the ala carte seafood options, the Naked Finn serves up a dish that they spent quite a long time experimenting to get the stock right – prawn noodles!

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Since young, prawn noodles has always been one of my favourite dishes, with the prawn noodles near Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre being the prawn noodles of my childhood’s memory.

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Pilau refers to a rice dish that is cooked in a seasoned broth and originates from the Turkish or Persian regions. It goes well with most ingredients, such as seafood, chicken or lamb but here I decided to go for a prawn pilau.

The seasoning: 1 whole diced onion, chopped garlic, 1 tsp cumin, 1tsp coriander, 1.5 tsp curry powder and 10 cardamom pods

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Ah Hwee Prawn Noodles is an old-fashioned prawn noodle stall located in the quiet area just across the entrance to Little India, where Selegie Road turns into Serangoon Road.

It’s an eating house from a past era with its faded walls and grungy tiles; there’s a sense of nostalgia when you take a seat to order your food, sheltered from the scorching heat and bustling traffic by the road.

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Back awhile ago, I mentioned about eating at Zheng Yi Hainanese Beef Noodles at Tai Thong Crescent. But actually further inside the road, there is another famous stall, this time selling prawn noodles – River South Prawn Noodles.

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Tempura is the classic deep-fried food from Japan but what’s not so well-known is that tempura was originally introduced by the Portuguese to Japan in the late 16th century.

I love eating ebi tempura so on a day when I didn’t know what to cook, I decide to make my own tempura! And of course since tempura is hot, I would pair it off with cold soba!

I have no idea what’s the right way for preparing cold soba so I just filled up a colander with big ice cubes and tossed the soba on it to chill out.

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Went to Pek Kio for lunch and found out that this was the hawker centre with the famous Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles.

I’d heard that it was good and after reading the review on ieatishootipost, I knew I had to try it at least now that I happened to be here.

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Nothing much to say except we just threw pork ribs, prawns, scallops, chicken wings, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic all in 1 roasting pan and cooked them all.

And some potatoes on the side!


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