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Besides uni, I was looking to try some of the other kaisendons in the Morning Market and my research led me to Kikuyo Shokudo Honten.


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Kita no Ryoba is a pretty well-known seafood restaurant located in the Sapporo Jyogai Ichiba, also known as the Central Wholesale Outer Market.


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Tucked deep inside the recesses of Sin Ming Industrial Estate, there’s a gem of a zi char restaurant called New Ubin Seafood.

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Lunch at the Naked Finn is a completely different menu from dinner. Instead of all the ala carte seafood options, the Naked Finn serves up a dish that they spent quite a long time experimenting to get the stock right – prawn noodles!

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The Naked Finn was recommended to me by a friend, because it was owned by his good friend, and that it also seemed a pretty interesting place to chill out and have some nice seafood too, something that I really love.


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Another modified dish, this time a Thai inspired green curry seafood noodles. The actual reason for making this was to use up this small tub of crab meat that I had totally forgotten about.

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Moules marinières is probably one of the simplest French dishes to cook if you’re lazy or in a hurry. Start by throwing a thick slice of butter into a big pot.

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Paella is a rice-based dish that originated in the mid-19th century in Valencia, Spain. Ironically although most of us associate the paella with Spain, the Spaniards themselves associate the paella with Valenica instead of  Spain.

Well no matter if it’s Valencia or Spain, a paella is still a delicious and hearty meal – great for families to share! There are 3 main types of paella: the paella valenciana (Valencian), paella de marisco (seafood) and paella mixta (mixed).

As the paella valenciana was originally peasant food, the meat in it tended to be either chicken or rabbit and sometimes snails were added as well. The paella de marisco swaps out those meats for seafood and the paella mixta is basically a freestyle paella, although the most common is to use seafood with chicken and that is what I went for.

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As many would know, Melaka was once a Portuguese colony and even now, there are still ethnic Portuguese living in Melaka, descended from those early 17th century colonists. Most of them stay together in one area near the sea, created by the government and known as the Portuguese Settlement.

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For this dinner I put together 2 seafood dishes from Marcella Hazan’s cookbook: spaghetti with scallop sauce with olive oil, garlic and pepper; and grilled swordfish steaks, Sicilian salmoriglio style.

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