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Besides uni, I was looking to try some of the other kaisendons in the Morning Market and my research led me to Kikuyo Shokudo Honten.


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Kita no Ryoba is a pretty well-known seafood restaurant located in the Sapporo Jyogai Ichiba, also known as the Central Wholesale Outer Market.


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Tucked deep inside the recesses of Sin Ming Industrial Estate, there’s a gem of a zi char restaurant called New Ubin Seafood.

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Lunch at the Naked Finn is a completely different menu from dinner. Instead of all the ala carte seafood options, the Naked Finn serves up a dish that they spent quite a long time experimenting to get the stock right – prawn noodles!

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The Naked Finn was recommended to me by a friend, because it was owned by his good friend, and that it also seemed a pretty interesting place to chill out and have some nice seafood too, something that I really love.


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Another modified dish, this time a Thai inspired green curry seafood noodles. The actual reason for making this was to use up this small tub of crab meat that I had totally forgotten about.

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Moules marinières is probably one of the simplest French dishes to cook if you’re lazy or in a hurry. Start by throwing a thick slice of butter into a big pot.

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