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Another time having the Yume Omakase lunch set at Shinji!

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Although most of the sushi menus at Shinji by Kanesaka are ‘omakase‘ courses, they do have a specific omakase lunch menu called Yume 夢.

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Lunch at Shinji has 4 set menus – 3 sushi sets and one omakase. The sushi sets run from 9 to 15 pieces but it is the middle set “Tsuki” of 12 pieces which is the one that I consider as the best one in terms of cost and satisfaction.


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Those in the Japanese dining scene would have probably known of Shinji by now; many food reviews have already been written about it. And most of those reviews, if not all, indicate that the sushi at Shinji is one of the best in Singapore now.

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