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The Standing Sushi Bar recently opened a new outlet at Queen Street, now known as their “8Q” outlet. Contrary to its name, this SSB outlet has seats! And a much larger floor space to boot as well.

Their dinner omakase operations have now shifted to 8Q, which allows them to provide a greater variety of dishes due to the larger kitchen. So now this is where I’m at for another omakase!

Something to note: if you ever want to take photos of your food at 8Q, don’t ever sit at the counter. The lighting is super tricky to process out cleanly 😦

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This is probably going to be my last omakase at the UOB Standing Sushi Bar as they are opening a new branch at 8QSAM which is where they’ll handle the omakase dinners as the kitchen will be bigger.

Aperitif: Black soybean wine

This is a pretty rare drink – black soybeans fermented with alcohol. It is like a very mild version of sake and you won’t really get drunk on this unless you consume like half a bottle. It tastes like soybean milk on first sip then the bite of the sake kicks in gently as you imbibe it down.

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1st course: Hokkigai sashimi salad

Hokkigai is known as surf clam and it is one of the most identifiable sashimi due to its bright red colouring on one side. It has a clean and crisp texture, moreso than the other shellfish I’ve had for sashimi. The crunchy texture provide a good contrast with the Japanese rocket salad.

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It’s been some time since I got my omakase fix at the Standing Sushi Bar so I trotted down in the middle of a sweltering April to get it! My friend joined me on this one and the photos are taken using his DSLR. Huge difference from my usual photos!!

1st course: Japanese fish cake

A little bit different from the normal fish cake, this one is hand-made using white fish meat and it is much denser in texture than normal fish cake. The taste is richer than normal ones as well.

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1st course: Japanese salad

This warm appetizer is built on a base of Mizuno greens which looks very similar to rocket but has a milder taste. Rounding it up is a mix of toppings – tomatoes, tofu, avocado, pan-fried shiitake mushrooms and sesame seeds.

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The first omakase of 2010 at the Standing Sushi Bar!

1st course: Zensai

Ikura in cucumber cup, lobster wasabi salad, and mixed greens.

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Time for the last omakase of the year at the Standing Sushi Bar, an early one for Christmas! This time they had these cute sawagani (small river crabs) in a jar on the counter.

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