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Dons de la Nature seems to be one of those places that is relatively unknown yet shouldn’t be.

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First time trying a dry-aged côte de boeuf from The Gourmet Food Co.

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Dario Cecchini is a pretty famous personality in the world of meat when it comes to Italy, and being in Florence and a meat-lover, I knew I had to at least eat at one of his restaurants. My plans for visiting Italy to eat literally started when I read my friend’s blog post on her visit to Dario’s.

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As a beef lover, the Fat Cow has always been on my radar as a place to try out.

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Traditional French fare done excellently is probably the simplest way to review Bar-Roque Grill.

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Christmas is always a good excuse to serve up some beef!

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I just had to visit this steakhouse again since I’m in Tokyo once again. I’ve blogged about the steakhouse in greater detail in a previous post which you can read so I won’t go through the whole thing again.

Once again there was a long queue snaking around it. I didn’t join it the previous time I was here but since I was early this time, I decided to join and buy it as well.

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