The Dirty Stall

Uni Murakami

Posted on: April 30, 2017

When you’re in Hakodate, it’s all seafood on the mind, especially uni!


And there’s one place well-known for that – Uni Murakami. They’re located at the end of the Morning Market and are actually the restaurant outlet for an uni wholesaler.


Reservations are highly recommended, I didn’t make one but luckily they had a short slot and I didn’t think I would spend a lot of time there anyway so I took it.


The menu is pictorial which makes for easy ordering. We tried Set A bowls 1 & 2 with some ala carte.


I’ve got to say, the photos really make the bowl and uni look a lot bigger than reality. But still, for what you get and the price you pay, it can’t be beaten. It’s not the grade A+++ stuff but very fresh.


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