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Of course, no foodie visit to Hokkaido is complete without trying out their sushi. So I made a reservation at Sushi Dokoro Minami, which got one Michelin Star in 2012 before the Guide was discontinued in Hokkaido.

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Another time having the Yume Omakase lunch set at Shinji!

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Yet another addition to the growing high-end sushi scene here in Singapore, Ashino differentiates itself from Shinji, Hashida et al through the use of aged seafood.

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I was pretty excited to try out what Kozasa would offer during winter.

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Well, third time’s a charm with Kozasa. This was probably one of the best meals (and sushi) that I’ve had so far, with the exception of Saito of course. You can see my previous 2 meals here and here.

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Hashida Sushi is supposed to be a well-known sushi-ya in Kachidoki, Tokyo, but I must admit I’ve not heard of the place before. That said, there are many excellent sushi-yas in Tokyo that I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard of either.

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Although most of the sushi menus at Shinji by Kanesaka are ‘omakase‘ courses, they do have a specific omakase lunch menu called Yume 夢.

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