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Artichoke is chef-owner Bjorn Shen’s idea of a modern Mediterranean food heaven, and probably mine too.

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Artichoke has always been a place that I’ve wanted to try since I had a phase where I was quite into Moroccan/Middle Eastern food. Amusingly, I went for the brunch first instead of their dinner because I happened to be nearby on a weekend.

Their brunch menu is quite different from their dinner menu, being small and mostly different from dinner. Most brunch places have a scrambled eggs dish and Artichoke is no exception. It comes with several choices of sides, and one popular one is the sweet glazed bacon chop.

While the scrambled eggs was done decently, I really didn’t like the bacon chop because the one-dimensional sweetness didn’t fit into the rest of the dish and it was boring to eat a large crunchy piece of fat.


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Hummus! This is something that I always wanted to make after trying it at Artichoke Cafe. Most of the recipes for hummus are quite standard so you can just google for it.

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Moroccan cuisine is something I’ve always wanted to try after going through the Moro cookbook but instead of visiting a restaurant, I decided to give cooking Moroccan cuisine a try, and so my first dish would be a lamb tagine.

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