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Sushi Dokoro Minami

Posted on: May 4, 2017

Of course, no foodie visit to Hokkaido is complete without trying out their sushi. So I made a reservation at Sushi Dokoro Minami, which got one Michelin Star in 2012 before the Guide was discontinued in Hokkaido.


The chef is an affable and nice person, shame he couldn’t really speak English.


Interesting way of ‘searing’ a prawn with a small pot of stock.


He also ‘grilled’ a piece of tairaigai by pressing hot iron skewers on them.


This was a really nice bowl of crabmeat and roe.


This was him mincing up some sort of miso paste and shiso to spread on sashimi.


Ending off the otsumami course nicely with grilled anago.


And he prepared for the sushi course.


This looks like fish but is actually squid, and very tender at that too.


The uni sushi with nori paste was much better than the quality at Uni Murakami. Easily the star peice in the whole sushi course for me.


So yeah this was one stellar sushi omakase and if they still had the Michelin Guide for Hokkaido, I’m very sure Minami would retain its star.

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