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Cooking hokkien mee at home!

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I actually ate at Ah Hoe Mee Pok quite a long time ago, before he got featured on ieatishootipost and in the newspapers, so from what I’ve heard the additional fame (as if he wasn’t famous enough) has caused some changes to his dishes.

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Itek tim is one of my favourite soups, and it’s basically a Chinese style soup made with pickled mustard greens boiled with duck meat at its core.

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Posted on: January 17, 2016

In 2014, Andre Chiang returned back to his birth country of Taiwan to open RAW, a restaurant embracing his ‘bistronomy‘ concept, where fine dining turns casual.

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If you were once one of the “Far East kids” or simply loved to hang out at Far East Plaza, you would have probably explored the whole building out of boredom or looking for food.

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Zai Shun Curry Fish Head serves up Teochew porridge style zi char, with their specialty being the fresh fish that they prepare in a variety of ways.

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Tucked deep inside the recesses of Sin Ming Industrial Estate, there’s a gem of a zi char restaurant called New Ubin Seafood.

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Wild Rocket has been around in the Singapore food scene for quite some time now, having opened back in 2005 by lawyer-turned-chef Willin Low. His ‘ModSin‘ cuisine, short for modern Singaporean cuisine, has since garnered him many distinctions and awards for good food.

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One of my favourite dishes to eat on a cold and rainy night has definitely gotta be claypot chicken – something hearty that really warms up the body!

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Lunch at the Naked Finn is a completely different menu from dinner. Instead of all the ala carte seafood options, the Naked Finn serves up a dish that they spent quite a long time experimenting to get the stock right – prawn noodles!

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