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Aroma Fresca is a 1* Italian restaurant located in the swanky Ginza district of Tokyo, located high up in the Ginza Trecious building.


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Having returned from Italy recently, my interest was piqued when a friend recommended this excellent new Italian place she just tried, aptly named the Italian Osteria.

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The name Gran Ristoro roughly means “Grand Restaurant” and although the actual place is pretty small, it’s grand enough in what it offers!

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Antica Sa Pesta originally started in 1882 as a place that sold salt, as its name referred to a traditional method (sa pesta) of breaking up salt into smaller grains by pounding it with a pestle and mortar.

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Situated in a narrow alley off Via Torino in Milan, Nerino Dieci takes its name from that very alley itself, Via Nerino.

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Osteria Anice Stellato is one osteria that’s located in the far-flung edges of Venice, over in the sestiere of Cannaregio. This is probably why there’s not many tourists that make their way here.

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Trattoria Alla Madonna is a pretty famous Venetian restaurant that’s probably in most guidebooks that you read about Venice.

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