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Another time having the Yume Omakase lunch set at Shinji!

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Housed in one of the coolest places for a restaurant – the National Gallery Singapore, Odette is the new restaurant opened by Julien Royer in late 2015 after leaving Jaan.

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Lunch at the Naked Finn is a completely different menu from dinner. Instead of all the ala carte seafood options, the Naked Finn serves up a dish that they spent quite a long time experimenting to get the stock right – prawn noodles!

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Singaporeans are not the only ones who queue up like crazy for good food. In Northern Higashiyama of Kyoto, the udon shop Yamamoto Menzou makes both locals and tourists alike queue up like crazy.

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Located inside Hotel 1929, Restaurant Ember is well-known for its value-for-money business set lunches – in fact it’s probably the most well-known ‘secret’ now.

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This is perfect as a simple lunch on a public holiday – a roast chicken!

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Everyone who’s had an interest in Japanese food in Singapore would have heard of Aoki Restaurant, opened in 2003 by Kunio Aoki. The restaurant has a nice and warm feel to it, mainly due to the good use of wood and rice paper as decor.

A lot of people have heard about Aoki’s famous maze-chirashi lunch set, and after years of hearing about it, I finally decided to go for it. It is very popular and I’m told they only make a limited number of sets (~10) so make reservations if you want to try it!

Here is chef Aoki in action, making an uni gunkan-maki.

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This is my attempt at making Thomas Keller’s crab cakes, mainly because I had a sudden craving for crab cakes. The base component is the aioli so I set about making it first.

It is more or less garlic mayonnaise so gotta peel the garlic first.

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Hirosaku is a homely little restaurant that is family-run, helmed by a fatherly chef and his very kind wife. Sometimes at night their daughter helps them out as well.

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