The Dirty Stall


Just so we’re clear, a dirty stall in this context does not refer to a dank men’s bathroom with a glory hole. Stalls in SE Asia are outside food vendors, and as the saying goes: “The dirtier the stall, the better the food!”

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true stories

Hahahaha it’s Seinfeld!

This is too funny for words LMAO.

Link Exchange Proposal


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Erika Tan

Hi Jing Wen, Checking, what’s your email add?

Hear hear! Some of the best stuff I’ve eaten in my life r in the dirtiest slums of them all.

Hi Jing Wen,

I read your blog and the many food review, I must say, they are very well written and I have lots of joy reading them. Keep up the good work & keep on blogging.

Hey there,
I found your blog through the silverchef, and have to agree with your motto, “the dirtier the stall, the better the food!” I used to live in Taiwan and lived by that saying!

Hi there, love your posts =)

Could you link up my food blog ? Thank you so much.

Warm Regards
Chiu Yen

Hi Jing Wen

Would like to keep you posted on new restaurant openings and invite you for a food tasting. Please do PM me your email. Thanks


Hi Jing Wen

Your blog is amazing. Can I have your email address for future invitations?


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