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Most people have eaten Japanese fried food, like korokke, tori karaage, tonkatsu, etc. So I was looking to see if I could find something similar in Tokyo but more refined, and I found it in Tatsukichi.

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Oyakodonnnnnn! Those who have tried it on my recommendation will know the purpose of this post hehehe. For a short review, see my original post here.


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Ishikawa is a Michelin 3 star restaurant but yet it has one of the most unassuming entrances around. It’s just a simple doorway in set in a panel of black wood with a small lit sign, set behind the Bishamonten shrine in the traditional geisha district of Kagurazaka.

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There are a number of tempura establishments with a long history in Shinjuku, and I had already been to one of them, Funabashiya Honten, quite some time ago and I really liked it.

This time around, I wanted to visit another tempura restaurant so I picked Tempura Tsunahachi, at their main store in Shinjuku.

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Third time’s a charm~

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Takazawa is one of those restaurants that could easily get a couple of Michelin stars if they wanted to but instead choose to shun away from that limelight.

Well that’s a fairly common occurrence I’ve heard, there are many incredible restaurants in Tokyo that decided to forgo being listed on the Michelin Guide simply because they didn’t want that kind of fame.

And not that Takazawa needs to worry, their reservation list is usually fully packed 2 months in advance, which is also the earliest you can make one.

But once again, it’s another restaurant that I find hidden away with the entrance opening out at some back-alley behind buildings, like a portal leading you up to another world.

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I’m not really a big fan of ramen but whenever I visit Japan, I will visit a ramen place if it’s interesting enough. The last time I was in Tokyo, I tried Ippudo mainly because of its fame but this time AFURI piqued my interest.

They’ve taken their name from Mt. Afuri in the neighbouring Kanagawa prefecture, because they say they get their water (for soup) from a spring there.

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