The Dirty Stall

Lunch at Hirosaku has 3 different menus. I’ve tried the first two here and here, so this is the 3rd menu course. It opens with what I think is jellied turtle soup.

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Jimbocho Den is probably one of the more popular restaurants for foodies visiting Tokyo now, and I had managed to secure a reservation here, even though it was pretty late at 9 pm!

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Japanese beef is something no meat-lover should miss while in Japan, but this time round I decided to try it in the form of a burger.

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Well, third time’s a charm with Kozasa. This was probably one of the best meals (and sushi) that I’ve had so far, with the exception of Saito of course. You can see my previous 2 meals here and here.

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Gonokami Seisakujo (or translated loosely to Five Gods Factory) is one of more well-known names for tsukemen in Shinjuku, with Fuunji being famous for their chicken-based tsukemen, thus Gonokami Seisakujo is known for their shrimp-based tsukemen.

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Having returned from Italy recently, my interest was piqued when a friend recommended this excellent new Italian place she just tried, aptly named the Italian Osteria.

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The name Gran Ristoro roughly means “Grand Restaurant” and although the actual place is pretty small, it’s grand enough in what it offers!

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