The Dirty Stall

Suju is probably my favourite Japanese restaurant in Singapore simply because aside from the fantastic food, it makes me feel like I’m back in Tokyo again every time I step through the entrance.


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Yin Yang is a restaurant that’s conceptualised by celebrity chef Margaret Xu as a contemporary take on Chinese cuisine.

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This is probably the strangest name I’ve heard for a cafe but despite their weird name, the Australian Dairy Company still brings in the crowds.

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Talk to anyone who’s been or planning to go to Hong Kong about what to eat there and invariably Yung Kee will be on their lists.

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When you look for dim sum in Hong Kong, Lin Heung Tea House always gets named as a stalwart for the original cha chan teng experience.

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One of the dishes I wanted to try in Hong Kong was beef brisket, and one of the names that kept popping up in various blogs and reviews was Kau Kee, so I felt I had to give it a try too.

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I can summarise my visit in 1 line: amazing atmosphere but mediocre food.

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Past dishes


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