The Dirty Stall


Posted on: November 20, 2015

Japanese beef is something no meat-lover should miss while in Japan, but this time round I decided to try it in the form of a burger.


And that’s where BLACOWS comes in.


BLACOWS is run by Yazawa Meats, which is a purveyor of kuroge wagyu, and even has 2 different outlets in SG – Yazawa BBQ and Masa Hamburg & Steak.


And since I was going to be in Ebisu, this was a perfect opportunity to visit them along the way to my destination in Daikanyama.


Kuroge wagyu, or black wagyu, just refers to one of the most abundant (90%) breeds of wagyu in Japan. When you hear names like Kobe, Matsuzaka, Omi – those refers to the areas where the breeds come from.


Starter of lobster bisque; this was a good one with lots of flavour and creaminess.


BLACOWS lets you DIY your own burger, with a range of toppings from avocados to eggs. I chose the bacon cheese burger!


The buns sourced from Maison Kayser were very fluffy with a crisp surface. The burger was moist, tender, and basically damn good! This is what a burger should be – nothing fancy or with exotic ingredients.


If you look at the first photo right up top, you’ll see a lady standing outside in the hot summer heat. She was selling peach kakigori, their version of our ice kachang.


The shaved ice was coated with some peach syrup and the chunks of peach themselves were classic Japanese fruits – very sweet and ripe.

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