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Posted on: December 4, 2015

Soba or ramen?


This place – Kagari – has a big sign upfront stating soba but they really seem to serve something that’s closer to ramen called chuka soba.


It’s located deep inside an alley between two buildings, pretty hard to spot if you didn’t know where it was already.



It’s also extremely tiny, seating only 8 people at a time.


Fried onion and grated ginger to accompany.


And this is what they’re famous for – their tori paitan ramen! Most ramen are pork-based so chicken-based ramen (like AFURI) is a rarity.

The broth is rich and creamy but not overwhelming – tastes a lot like those chicken collagen hot-pots but smoother.

It’s topped with fresh and crunchy vegetables, and thick semi-cooked chicken breast slices which are really tender. It’s a ramen experience quite unlike any other.


Highly recommended if you like ramen, and do go very early – I was first in queue and when I left, I saw this massive queue snaking around the building.



2 Responses to "Kagari"

Did you visit Japan again? Hahaha. I want to visit Japan with a friend who doesn’t eat pork, so I’ll check this place out if our travel plans do materialize.

Hahaha yes I did! Yeah I went to a couple of non-pork places so let me know if you need some more recommendations!

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