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Italian Osteria

Posted on: November 7, 2015

Having returned from Italy recently, my interest was piqued when a friend recommended this excellent new Italian place she just tried, aptly named the Italian Osteria.


It’s actually located at a pretty ulu place in the new HillV2 mall, deep inside Bukit Timah. But it’s probably convenient for all the surrounding condominiums which are within walking distance.


It has huge ceiling to floor windows which bathes the tables in glorious window light, making the area feel light and open.


One other thing that surprised me was that almost all the staff were Italian, from the kitchen cooks to the wait staff. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday. Subsequent visits have shown that they are hiring more local staff as wait staff but it is still the Italians that explain and take orders.


The food is fairly authentic, as compared to Italy, but I find that their specials of the day are generally nicer than the dishes on their standard menu.



This is a must-order – the porchetta. Slow roasted pork belly, delightfully sinful but worth all the calories!


If you don’t mind travelling all the way to the west for some good Italian food (or if you’re already staying in the west), the Italian Osteria is definitely a place for you to get your fix! Also, I just found out that this is actually a sister restaurant to the well-established Etna so now a lot of things make sense!


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