The Dirty Stall

Gonokami Seisakujo

Posted on: November 12, 2015

Gonokami Seisakujo (or translated loosely to Five Gods Factory) is one of more well-known names for tsukemen in Shinjuku, with Fuunji being famous for their chicken-based tsukemen, thus Gonokami Seisakujo is known for their shrimp-based tsukemen.


As a testament to this, there’s a long queue even though I went at an off-peak timing of about 2pm on a weekday!





The tsukemen was pretty thick and I really loved the crunchy cabbage. Somehow you just don’t get cabbage like that in Singapore…


And this is the star – their shrimp-based broth, made from amaebi, sakura ebi, with pork & chicken fat. The interesting thing about this broth is that it never gets overly rich with the prawn taste or fattiness.


And you never really get sick of it either because there’s a certain sweetness to it. If you love prawn noodles, then you definitely have to try Gonokami Seisakujo. Just don’t order too much, the noodles are hella filling!


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