The Dirty Stall


Posted on: December 16, 2015

Oniyanma is located very very near Gotanda JR station, one of the lesser visited districts of Tokyo, unlike the popular ones like Shinjuku & Shibuya.


But it’s a great place to have a super quick and cheap yet satisfying dinner.


It’s a pretty small shop that is standing only. People order via machine and wait outside, then go in to replace those who come out, which is pretty fast since everyone eats pretty quickly.


They serve what is known as Sanuki udon, which is sardine-based soup stock.


Their signature bowl is the hiyashi toriten udon, or cold chicken tempura udon, perfect for a hot summer evening.


Their hiyashi niku udon isn’t bad either. The shredded beef is really tender and delicious too!


Highly recommended for a quick no-fuss dinner, like on your last night in Tokyo!


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