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I actually ate at Ah Hoe Mee Pok quite a long time ago, before he got featured on ieatishootipost and in the newspapers, so from what I’ve heard the additional fame (as if he wasn’t famous enough) has caused some changes to his dishes.

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Oniyanma is located very very near Gotanda JR station, one of the lesser visited districts of Tokyo, unlike the popular ones like Shinjuku & Shibuya.

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One of the dishes I wanted to try in Hong Kong was beef brisket, and one of the names that kept popping up in various blogs and reviews was Kau Kee, so I felt I had to give it a try too.

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Tsim Chai Kee doesn’t even need a review; if you love won ton noodles, just go visit them already!

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Lau Sum Kee presents a different take on noodles that we don’t really see in Singapore, which is har zai meen, or prawn roe noodles.

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Another modified dish, this time a Thai inspired green curry seafood noodles. The actual reason for making this was to use up this small tub of crab meat that I had totally forgotten about.

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Ah Hwee Prawn Noodles is an old-fashioned prawn noodle stall located in the quiet area just across the entrance to Little India, where Selegie Road turns into Serangoon Road.

It’s an eating house from a past era with its faded walls and grungy tiles; there’s a sense of nostalgia when you take a seat to order your food, sheltered from the scorching heat and bustling traffic by the road.

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