The Dirty Stall

Kozasa has now become my favourite sushi place in Tokyo! As before, I’ve reviewed it in a previous blog post so I won’t be covering it again. This time though, I could only take the otsumami portion of the dinner because the chef asked me not to take photos once other guests arrived.

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I’ve blogged about Hirosaku once before in this blog post so I won’t be repeating myself. This one is a different menu from my previous visit though, their most expensive menu for lunch – but totally worth it! Every dish was excellent again of course, with my favourite being the one before the soba – a braised eggplant with uni, nori and soramame.


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Somewhere in Singapore…

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Making salmon patties is great because you can prepare a whole bunch at one shot, store in the freezer, then thaw whenever you can’t think of anything to cook or you’re just too lazy.

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I’ve been slowly getting interested in Vietnamese food, after making my own phở bò previously, so when I heard about Nam Nam Noodle Bar opening up, I was quite interested to try it out and see how the Les Amis group would approach the traditional Vietnamese fare.


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Come anytime of the day to Jurong West Food Centre and you’ll see many tables with the orange plates and green bowls from Soh Kee Cooked Food.

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Past dishes


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