The Dirty Stall

Kichi Kichi

Posted on: July 11, 2013

Kichi Kichi is located in an tiny alley of an alley in Kyoto, so narrow that you can barely walk two-aside. The restaurant’s red signage however, is eye-catching enough to spot from either end of the alley.


Inside it’s pretty small as well, just a bar counter of about 8 seats or so. I came here to eat their omurice, mainly because it looked damn impressive on video.


I’m not going to write much about this, which is why I took photos of the cooking, so just enjoy them.





At this point I also took a video of the omelette making process so you can watch it. But if it doesn’t load, you can just continue with the photos.













Looks good right? I bet you wish that you could be digging into it right now too 😀


キチキチ (Kichi Kichi)


1 Response to "Kichi Kichi"

Looks fantastic and love that moment he splits the omelette open…

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